ADHD Coaching for Adults

Peggy works with us at Makewell. Her mission is to help neurodivergent individuals leave overwhelm behind, reconnect with their true selves, and embrace their unique strengths. Together, navigating the challenges of ADHD to bring more harmony and fulfillment into your life. Her personal journey into ADHD coaching began with her own struggles and getting finally diagnosed in her 40s. Her own transformative journey and research combined with her coaching background, ignited her passion for supporting neurodivergent adults.

Embarking on this journey with her is the first step towards creating an authentic life that truly works for you and your brain. Each session is personalised to your needs and your goals. Some of the areas we often explore with ADHD clients are the following (although not exhaustive):

  • Stopping the rollercoaster: Energy management and nervous system regulation.
  • Befriending your inner critic: Emotional regulation, setting boundaries, Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and Imposter Syndrome.
  • From boredom to brilliance: Ignite your creativity and create a dopamine filled life.
  • Unlocking productivity: Time management, organisation, structure and decision making.



£90 per session (online or onsite)

The first session is generally a fact-finding exercise, to find out your priorities. It is recommended that you expect to have at least 6 sessions to enable positive changes.


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