QB Test Only

QB Test in Milton Keynes – £250

This onsite test and report is suitable for anyone aged 6 – 60years.

The QB Test is a computerized assessment tool for individuals who think they may have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It is designed to help individuals identify the symptoms of ADHD that they may be experiencing and to determine if they should seek a formal evaluation for the condition. Anyone who goes on to have a full ADHD assessment with us will have £150 of the full assessment fee deducted if they have already undertaken this part.

The QB Test is a computerised assessment, using a high-resolution motion tracking system to measure inattention and impulsivity to provide an objective measure of these variables.

Private or NHS Clinicians can access this part of our service for their patients if they are unable to offer it as part of their ADHD diagnostic pathway.

Individuals can also request to have a QB Test only. It is important to remember that this test is NOT diagnostic by itself. For anyone looking for an ADHD assessment we recommend a full assessment.

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