Advanced Well Woman Blood Test

Advanced Women’s Blood Test in Milton Keynes– £179

Get an advanced women’s blood test in Milton Keynes

Do you want a comprehensive health check that enables you to be proactive about your health and get on top of any health issues that might affect you?

Welcome to Makewell Health and Wellness Clinic, where we offer the Advanced Women’s Blood Test, a comprehensive diagnostic tool designed to assess various aspects of women’s health. Our all-in-one blood test for women is a quick and convenient way to get your annual health MOT to establish your baseline, track your results over time, and conquer your health goals.

This baseline provides a comprehensive snapshot of your overall well-being, enabling our healthcare professionals to create personalized treatment plans and monitor progress over time.

What Does the Advanced Well Woman Blood Test Report On?

Understanding your body’s intricate workings is vital for maintaining optimal health, and the Advanced Women’s Blood Test serves as a valuable tool in achieving this goal. By analysing a range of key indicators, we can identify potential health risks and develop a personalized plan to address them proactively.

This test is specifically tailored to provide valuable insights into your overall well-being, including cholesterol status, diabetes risk, hormone levels, inflammation markers, and much more. The full list is as follows:

  1. Cholesterol Status
  2. Diabetes
  3. Gout risk
  4. Hormones
  5. Inflammation
  6. Iron Status
  7. Kidney Health
  8. Liver Health
  9. Minerals
  10. Proteins
  11. Red blood cells
  12. Thyroid Hormones
  13. Vitamins
  14. White blood cells

With the Advanced Women’s Blood Test at Makewell Health and Wellness Clinic, you can gain comprehensive insights into your overall health status. Our experienced healthcare professionals will analyze your test results and provide personalized recommendations to optimize your well-being.

Wellwoman Blood Test

Before your test…

Please drink plenty of water before your appointment as this can make it easier to take blood if you are well hydrated.


Your results should come back within 2 weeks and you’ll receive a comprehensive doctor’s report with feedback.

Establishing a Baseline

In conclusion, establishing baselines through the Advanced Women’s Blood Test is of utmost importance for women’s health. By assessing key bio-indicators we can identify potential health risks and address them proactively. Regular testing and tracking of these markers allow for early detection of potential issues and timely intervention, helping you maintain optimal health and prevent the development of chronic conditions.

Invest in your well-being today with the Advanced Women’s Blood Test in Milton Keynes.

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