Understanding Your Child’s Sensory Needs

Workshop: Understanding Your Child’s Sensory Needs

Makewell Health and Wellness Clinic now offers a Sensory Processing Workshop in Milton Keynes. Regardless of whether your child has a diagnosis, if you notice that your child is sensory-seeking or sensory-avoiding then this personalised workshop may really help you! Knowing your child’s triggers can help you find ways to support them more at home and school.

These workshops are suitable for children aged 3 – 16 yrs.

What is Sensory Processing?

Sensory processing is the way that our brain sorts through sensory information so we can understand our world and manage daily life. We all have individual sensory processing systems and differences from each other.

For example, some people enjoy strong tastes and smells whereas others may avoid them, some people enjoy theme park rides and others avoid turning their head too quickly. It can be beneficial to know of and understand these individual differences to identify what we can tolerate, what might cause a feeling of overwhelm and what can soothe us.



What Does Our Sensory Processing Workshop Cover?

During this personalised 1.5hr workshop, with you and your child, we will spend time identifying your child’s sensory processing style through discussion and active participation using an array of sensory input items.

From this, we can explore and discuss useful strategies that could be used at home and school to aid in daily functioning, emotional regulation and relaxation.

Following the workshop, you will leave with a better understanding of your child’s sensory needs and how you can support these as well as having a personalised sensory processing information booklet sent out after the session, containing all of the information explored during the workshop along with extra information and resources.

Please note this is not a ‘sensory assessment’ in the formal context, but a way to guide you to further support your child.

Price = £90

Learn How To Better Support Your Child

If you or someone you know requires a Sensory Processing Workshop in Milton Keynes to better understand and support their child, Makewell Health and Wellness Clinic is here to help. Our experienced team of healthcare professionals will guide you through the process, providing compassionate care and evidence-based treatments.

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