Payment Plan

Spread the cost of your ADHD or Autism Assessment over 2 or 3 months with our interest free Payment Plan


Our Payment Plan

We have created an interest free Payment Plan for our assessments, as we understand that the cost can create additional stress and worry, despite our commitment to make our services affordable.

Following an initial consultation via telephone, if you would like to proceed with an assessment, you can book an appointment date and apply for a payment plan. You simply need to complete our straightforward payment plan application form. You can find this form by clicking on the button at the top of this page.

The agreement will be sent by email and can be completed and submitted online.


Case Study


Mary wants to spread the cost of her son’s ADHD assessment over 3 months. Following an initial telephone consultation, she has received details of the fees, along with other information on how to proceed, and has made an appointment.

Mary then goes online and completes our Payment Plan Application. This is received and reviewed by our Patient Services Manager.

The Patient Services Manager agrees to the terms and sends Mary a Payment Plan Agreement to sign and return to us. Mary receives the agreement via email, checks to ensure she is happy with the terms, and emails the form back to us.

The Patient Services Manager receives the signed agreement, confirms the appointment/s with Mary, and charges the initial payment against her credit/debit card.

Next, Mary received a direct debit mandate with GoCardless via email so that her monthly payments can be collected.

Mary’s first payment is collected on her preferred day of the following month.

Mary’s Payment Plan

  • Full Fee due for a Child’s ADHD Assessment: £1295
  • Payment Plan Application Fee: £0
  • Interest: 0%
  • Initial Payment (minimum 20%), due on acceptance: £259
  • Balance Now Due: £1036

3 monthly payments of £345.33, first payment on nominated day in the following calendar month.


Go Cardless

Payments are collected using GoCardless. This is an online payment system sponsored by RBS which provides a secure payment method. It is free to the payer and allows us to track and identify payments.



Will a credit check be carried out?

We do not carry out credit checks. The Payment Plan is a simple agreement between you and us.

Are you regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority?

As our payment plans are outside the scope of registration, we are not required to be regulated by the FCA.

What happens if I miss a payment?

We understand that sometimes life throws up unexpected events. If you are struggling to make your repayments, please speak to us in order that we can discuss a sensible solution for you.

We only consider recovery action against those customers who do not communicate and try to resolve situations with us.