Bed Bugs in Hotels – A Growing Problem

Bed Bugs in Hotels – A Growing Problem

04 / Jun

There has been an increase in bedbugs reported in hotel rooms. This seems to be a growing problem in both the UK and the rest of the world as the insects become increasingly successful. Bedbugs are not a symptom of poor hygiene or bad habits, but you should take care to avoid bringing them back from any trip.

What are Bed bugs?

Bedbugs are small dark yellow, red or brown wingless insects with oval flat bodies that feed on animal and human blood. They typically bite the head, arms and legs which are the areas exposed whilst you are sleeping. Their raised red bites can be itchy but are unlikely to cause any other health problems.




What should I look out for and what should I do?

Before your Trip:

Check reviews on travel websites for any mentions of bed bugs. Sites like TripAdvisor often have recent guest feedback.

Inspect the Room on Arrival:

  • Place luggage in the bathroom or on a hard surface while inspecting the room, as bed bugs are less likely to be in these areas.
  • Turn off the lights and use a torch to check the mattress seams, headboard, bed frame, and nearby furniture for signs of bed bugs, such as dark spots (faecal matter) or shed skins.
  • Inspect the bed linens and pillows.


Don’t put your Luggage on the Beds:

  • Keep luggage off the bed and store it on a luggage rack away from the walls or in the bathroom.
  • Hang clothes in wardrobes instead of putting them away in drawers. Bed bugs can’t fly.
    • You may wish to use plastic bags or protective covers for your luggage to prevent bed bugs from getting in.
    • You may wish to use air-conditioning if its available. Bed bugs like warm rooms so deter them by keeping your room cool.


Maintain Vigilance & Minimize Clutter:

  • Keep an eye out for any signs of bed bugs during the stay, especially if you notice any bites or welts.
  • Keep personal items and clothes off the floor and bed to reduce the chance of bed bugs hitching a ride home with you.


If you discover bedbugs:

  • Alert the hotel immediately and ask to change room if possible.
  • Take photos so that you have evidence.


Before Leaving the Hotel

  • Thoroughly inspect luggage and personal items for any signs of bed bugs before packing.


After Returning Home

    • Unpack your luggage in the bathroom or on a hard surface, if possible, rather than in your bedroom.
    • Wash all clothes immediately in hot water and dry on high heat to kill any potential bed bugs.
    • Vacuum your luggage thoroughly. Consider using a steamer or bed bug spray specifically designed for luggage.



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